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In Pursuit of Cooperation  
As a member of the Executive Committee, you serve in one of the most critical positions in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The Convention relies heavily on you to be trustworthy and wise in your deliberations and judgments. The committee always will have its critics, and lobbyists who attempt to pressure you “to see it their way.” Those who live and die by the political sword in the Convention believe that you can be convinced of their position because of your desire for political good will. But in the years I have been here, members of the Executive Committee have displayed rare and courageous resistance against those who attempt to influence your vote on everything from issues to officer nominees. The vast majority of the EC members over the years, including those of you who are here tonight, have maintained your integrity and the integrity of the EC as you have made decisions upon hearing the facts and listening for the voice of God. You must never be swayed or persuaded by anything but a combination of good reasoning, sound doctrine, and a profound dependence upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Read More...

Memorandum on Convention Process and Procedures  
Most of you are aware that Ronnie Floyd, chair of the Great Commission Task Force (GCTF), will present an interim report of the GCTF this coming Monday night to the SBC Executive Committee (EC). As we approach next week’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee, I wish to place the Great Commission Task Force Interim Report in its broader context relative to your work as the Executive Committee of the SBC. Read More...

Official Letter of Retirement  
In February 1992, the then members of the Executive Committee elected me to serve as the president/treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to succeed Harold C. Bennett upon his retirement, September 30, 1992. The Executive Committee, in its September 1992 meeting, recommended that the title of the position be changed to “president and chief executive officer.” On my inaugural date, I also became treasurer of the Southern Baptist Convention and treasurer of the Executive Committee. Later, I became chairman of the Southern Baptist Foundation when it became a subsidiary of the Executive Committee in 1997. Read More...

Clarification of Intent  
In my 2009 report to the Southern Baptist Convention, I made the following comment: “The Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing a resurgence in the belief that divine sovereignty alone is at work in salvation without a faith response on the part of man.  Some are given to explain away the ‘whosoever will’ of John 3:16.  How can a Christian come to such a place when Ephesians says, ‘For by grace are you saved through faith’ (Eph. 2:8)?” Read More...

2009 SBC Executive Committee Presidential Report  
The Southern Baptist Convention and the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ have never been strangers to one another, and so long as the convention and her agencies and institutions stay anchored upon the inerrant Word of God and focused on the unconquerable Cross of Christ, she will stand against every wind of doctrine that blows across the great theological divide, against every ecclesiastic fad that promises innovation at the expense of confessional fidelity, against every subtle temptation toward uncooperative narrowness and unorthodox ecumenism. Read More...


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